“~Emily saved my relationship with breastfeeding, hands down~

After having a fortunately complication free birth we found ourselves in a whilrwind of worry and difficulty with breastfeeding within a few days of our beautiful son’s birth. It was scary. Our midwife recommended Emily and she came to us on day 7 bringing kindness, understanding and a LOT of patience-as well as sustainable solutions that started working immediately.. She treated my son and I with the same level of recpect, tenderness and grace, which I desparately needed as a new mother. Within days we were able to breastfeed without as much pain and concern. Within weeks he was gaining weight and our breastfeeding woes were in the past. I recommend Emily’s lactation services to anyone in need. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, authentic and she really understands the emotions of new motherhood. (Great sense of humor too which is refreshing). We love, thank and appreciate you as part of our family, Emily! It was a bittersweet graduation when we had to say goodbye!”


"Emily is extremely knowledgeable and personable, and immediately made us feel welcome. The class is well paced, but she keeps things flexible to accommodate the questions and concerns all participants might have about the birth experience. After the second class, my wife was wondering if it was too late to ask Emily to replace her doula!"

— A.B

"Upon the birth of our little boy we were in need of a lactation specialist and knew Emily would be the perfect person to help us through the challenges we were facing. Our son was born 3 weeks early and needed a little extra help to figure things out. Emily's patience and knowledge was what I needed to stick through it. Thanks to her we are successfully breastfeeding!

Emily, thank you for all you've done to help us!"




I arrived with an anxious and slightly grumpy partner and left with a partner who felt empowered with knowledge, ready to engage with the next big step of this journey, and eager to continue learning. In classes like this, it is all about the teacher, and Emily – I think we have certainly gotten the best – at least for matching our personalities and needs.



"Despite having a complicated birth, Emily provided us with the tools and knowledge that helped to keep us sane and supportive during the birth of our son.  I would highly recommended this class to anyone who is looking for a fun and engaging way to build confidence heading into becoming a parent!"


Emily was our doula and helped make the birth of our first child a great experience! She was there before, during, and after to offer guidance, support and advice and to help us make informed decisions when it came to what is best for our son. She is extremely knowledgeable and down to earth, and so passionate about what she does - it makes such a difference. We feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her!